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Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Handbook

Crowded Places Handbook

Handbook for managers of crowded places providing an overarching framework for risk and safety management, communication and emergency planning. Includes site safety, security, health issues, and hostile or deliberate acts.

Companion documents include:
Guideline 1: Crowded Places checklists
Reference: Crowded places further resources






Victorian Guidelines for planning safe public events

Vic Guidelines



The Victorian Guidelines-for-Public-Events-2018 have been developed through the collaboration of multiple agencies to present best practice for event organisers and agencies involved in the planning of events within Victoria. They are designed to present basic guides and safety measures that an event organiser is required to consider when planning an event. This document contains a broad range of topics and guides, from risk assessment tools to check-lists, to ensure event organisers engage with all relevant stakeholders and create a safe and well managed environment for all parties to enjoy.





Australia’s Strategy for protecting crowded places from terrorism

Strategy for protecting crowded placesThe objective of this strategy is to protect the lives of people working in, using, and visiting crowded places by making these places more resilient to terrorism. The strategy includes a suite of supplementary materials that will assist oGaswners and operators to understand and implement protective security measures.

Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism [PDF 1.3MB]

Crowded Places Security Audit [PDF 782KB]

Crowded Places Self-Assessment Tool [PDF 360KB]

Active Armed Offender Guidelines for Crowded Places

Improvised Explosive Device Guidelines for Crowded Places

Chemical Weapon Guidelines for Crowded Places

Hostile Vehicle Guidelines for Crowded Places

Smoke-free outdoor dining: a guide for businesses and event organisers

Smoke free Smokefree outdoor dining guide-1 Provides a guide for Victorian businesses and event organisers on how to comply with Victoria’s smoke-free outdoor dining laws from August 1, 2017.  See Health.vic for more information on tobacco reform.

Smoke-free outdoor dining areas: factsheet for organisers of food fairs and events – a summary of the smoking ban in outdoor dining areas at food fairs and other organised events.


Child Safe Standards and Child Protection Toolkit

Child ProtectionFrom 1 January 2017, organisations operating in Victoria and providing services or facilities specifically for children are required to meet Child Safe Standards.

For details regarding the type of businesses and organisations that need to comply, see the Commission for Children and Young People’s website.

The Child Protection Toolkit provides practical advice to help organisations across Australia meet their child protection obligations and ensure their environment is a safe place for children (published by OurCommunity and law firm Moores).

Volunteering definition

Volunteering Australia have recently announced a new definition for volunteering.   See Definition of Volunteering for details.

Temporary Structures – Standard

The Australian Building Code  Board (ABCB) –  Temporary Structure Standard is for temporary structures and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has adopted the standard as part of their temporary structure – occupancy permit procedure.     The Standard provides technical design criteria requirements for temporary structures, covering structural safety (particularly determining appropriate wind actions), fire safety (including fire resistance of materials; fire safety services and equipment, and egress) access, sanitary facilities and certain ancillary provisions.

See the Victorian Building Authority website for information regarding the Standard.

Occupancy Permits for Places of Public Entertainment (POPE)

The Victorian Building Authority has issued Practice Note PN-66-2013-Occupancy-Permits-for-Places-of-Public-Entertainment.   For further details visit the Victorian Building Authority website or email or phone 1800 815 127.

Backing Major Events and Regional Events Research

Backing Major Events TRAThe Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) report on Australia’s support for major events and why governments should get behind them.  See Backing Major Events.

Tourism Research Australia (TRA) has recently released a report titled Events: Drivers of Regional Tourism.  The report outlines findings from research on events and regional tourism, ways to encourage event attendance and opportunities available for regional events.    Check out the report on the Tourism Research Australia website.

Another great tool is  Get social and improve your event!  The toolkit provides an 8 step process to using social media to promote your event.   Download the toolkit from the TRA website.

 Gas Safety Information

Gas SafetyEnergy Safe Victoria have updated the “Gas Safety at Public Events” flier for caterers and food outlets.  Download a copy and see their other useful event resources including:

Code of Practice for The Safe Use of LP Gas at Public Events In Victoria
Catering Vendors Information Pack

For further information contact Energy Safe Victoria, email or phone 1800 652 563 or (o3) 9203 9700.


 Knowledge Hub

For over 100 event related resources – see our Knowledge Hub.