Event Resource Library

Below are a selection of resources available to event organisers.  If you are aware of others please email us  and we will add them to the library.

Given many sites are regularly updated, some information may be out of date or the links broken. If you come across this, please let us know and we will attempt to update details.

Disclaimer:  The following links are provided for information only and are not an endorsement or recommendation.

Useful Information

Local Government Contacts

Australian Local Government contacts

Victorian Worksafe

Safe Work Australia

Victorian Building Authority (VBA) & Temporary Structures

Electrical Safety – Energy Safe Victoria

Gas Safety – Energy Safe Victoria

Victoria Police

Protecting Crowded Places and Security

Emergency Management

Ambulance Victoria First Aid/Medical

Crowd Control

Consumer Law – Festivals and Events


Food and Water Safety

Fundraising, lottery and gaming licences

  • Fundraising – Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Fundraising, fundingcentre.com.au
  • Gambling – Bingo, lotteries etc – Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

Liquor Licencing

Public Transport – Event notification

Traffic, Public Transport and Road Closures  (VicRoads, Police)

Amusement Rides / Inflatable Devices

Accessible events / Universal Design

Animals and Circuses


Drones / Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Music and Copyright

Privacy, Permissions and Copyright

Noise management

Parties / Fetes

Parks Victoria

State Forests

Smoke Free Events


Working with Children/Child Protection

Racial Discrimination and Vilification

Know your rights: Racial Discrimination and Vilification, Australian Human Rights Commission

Useful Publications

Event Planning Guides – National

Event Planning Guides – Victoria

Event Planning Guides – Western Australia

Event Planning Guide – South Australia

Event Planning Guide – New South Wales

Event Planning Guide – ACT

Event Planning Guide – Queensland

International, UK & US Resources

New Zealand

General Legal, Non-Profit and Volunteer Information

Grants, Fundraising

Standards and Codes

 Risk and Safety Management

Amusement rides and inflatable devices

Crowd Control Barriers

  • AS 4687-2007 (temporary fencing and hoardings)
  • AS/NZ 1664:1:1997 (Aluminium structures)
  • AS/NZS 1170 parts 0,1, 2:2002 (AKA loading codes)
  • International Standard BS EN 13200-3:2005 (Spectator Facilities) Annex A
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
  • Australian/NZ Structure Design Certification




 Scaffolding and Elevated Work Platforms



Code of Practice Portable Toilets – Jan 2015 – Hire and Renal Industry Association


Tourism Resources

Business and Events Research and Reports

Professional Event Associations


To add other resources to this list, please email us the details.