THA Consulting provides services in the following areas:

Strategy and Business Planning

We work with clients to develop tailored strategies and business plans.  Our approach is to work with our clients to deliver strategies and business plans that create new opportunities, are realistic and achievable. 

We have developed plans for various areas within local government, major and community events, tourism, food and wine organisations, venues and markets. 

See some examples of our past projects.

Policies, Procedures and Guides

THA Consulting develops policies, procedures and guides for government, for event organisers, venues and a variety of other organisations.

We research compliance requirements, ascertain “good practice” and work to ensure the documentation is tailored for the client and user friendly.  

See examples of past projects.

Tenders, Feasibility and Research Projects

THA Consulting conducts reviews, research and feasibility studies in a variety of areas for major, community and business events, tourism projects, markets, sport and art organisations, venues, recreation and leisure facilities.   We also work with event organisers to create detailed event planning documents and have developed various tender documents for major and community events.

See some examples of our past work.

Event and Project Management

In addition to coordinating our own training events, THA Consulting has extensive event management experience including managing events and projects, and in providing support to organisations conducting events.

We have extensive experience in program development, event and risk management planning, marketing, operations, contract management and budgeting for events. 

See some examples of our event and project management experience.

Workshops, Training and Facilitation

THA Consulting delivers workshops on event management for community and professional event organisers.   We deliver training for clients, as well as organise our own workshops for event professionals. See examples of workshops and training we have recently conducted and our upcoming workshops.

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