Are your events becoming more and more complex to organise?  There seems to be no end to the permits, compliance requirements, standards, codes, legislation and regulations that event organisers need to be aware of.

Take a food stallholder at a community event.  The event organiser needs to ensure the structure is safe (building regulations), gas and electrical appliances and fixtures are compliant (gas and electrical regulations and standards), generators are safe (electrical standards), that flooring, lighting, preparation areas, water and waste management are appropriate (health and gas codes), and that the appropriate ventilation is in place (where gas, electrical, health and building codes all apply!)  Site set up and bump out all have rules, and of course, then there is the food preparation, storage and serving requirements.   All are essential requirements to ensure the events delivered are safe for those involved as organisers, stallholders and event participants.

So how do event organisers stay up to date with what the requirements are, particularly when so many authorities are involved?

A recent workshop we conducted with a range of authorities and emergency services highlighted the complexities and challenges. It seems it’s equally difficult for event organisers to remain up to date, as it is for the authorities and services to keep organisers up to date.

We are looking to address this issue and would love to hear from you on what you think would work. How do you keep up to date?   What would you like to see in place to help the events industry deliver safe and successful events?