Event Sector Training

THA Consulting conducts training for professional and community event organisers, groups and organisations.

We work closely with our clients to identify needs and deliver practical and tailored training.  We don’t take the “one size fits all” approach – rather we develop programs, training material and delivery mechanisms to best serve and benefit the target audience.

Our training sessions include information, checklists and templates that can be adapted for use by participants.   Where required, we will partner with relevant emergency services, regulatory authorities and specialists such as security and marketing consultants to plan and deliver the training

We  are constantly updating our knowledge and working with relevant stakeholders to ensure we deliver current best practice information.

Training topics include:

Risk Assessments, Safety, Security, Emergency Management

  • Event Risk Management – basic principles to advanced risk assessments and planning
  • Event safety and compliance (including local government and other authority requirements)
  • Event security planning including responding to the national Crowded Places Strategy
  • Legislation, regulations, standards, codes, local laws and rules
  • Risk and safety preparedness, policies, procedures and responses
  • Emergency management planning

Event Management Planning

  • Practical event management knowledge, skills, tools
  • Project management applied to events
  • Developing an effective Event Management Plan
  • Developing Plans to deliver great events and meet expectations of approving authorities
  • Contract and stakeholder management

Council and other authority requirements

  • Requirements of Council and other authorities

Event Revenue and Sustainability

  • Attracting event partners, sponsorship, grants / funding and other revenue generating ideas
  • Strategies to ensure event financial and community sustainability

 Strategic Planning and Evaluation

  • Developing short and long term strategic plans
  • Diversifying and changing event to remain relevant
  • Event evaluation

 Marketing and Promotion

  • Developing effective marketing and communications plans
  • Identifying target audience
  • Maximising tourism outcomes; working with the tourism industry

See examples of recent Community Event Training Examples.

To discuss your training needs  Email us or call on 0407 737 205.